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New P-NET Installation Guide

A convenient way for conveying information about the different techniques for forming
P-NET fieldbus networks using various topologies and physical media is now available from PROCES-DATA.

Standard or traditional P-NET is normally connected as a ring or can be connected as a terminated line with or without repeaters, using RS485.

PROCES-DATA’s new family of DIN mounted M36 I/O modules and programmable controller/gateways (DPIs), can be clipped together to form a distributed device. In this case, communication between modules takes place using Light Link P-NET, a technique using fibre optic spurs.
A selection of miscellaneous modules from the PD 66x range, provide the means to provide a transparent link between RS 485 P-NET and Light Link P-NET (PD 660). These P-NET media can also be converted to and from 4-Wire P-NET, a medium for transferring data and power within the same cable. This new physical standard is also the basis for using P-NET devices within hazardous areas via a special power supply. Another module type (PD 662) enables a network with built in redundancy to be constructed.

The range of DPIs (PD 60x) provide the means of porting from one P-NET medium to another, such as Light Link to: RS485 (PD 600), RS232 (PD 601) and Ethernet (PD 602). Having such a wide variety of media types over which to communicate using the P-NET protocol (IEC 61158/4), provides the opportunity to structure a network to suit practically any application. This may range from the straightforward single fieldbus, through multi-segment local networks and intranets utilising Ethernet and WiFi, to wide area Internet based networks.

The on-line installation guide explains the various topologies that can be used, the advantages of each, what hardware is required to construct each type and provides an insight into what can be achieved using P-NET as the communication medium.

Link to the P-NET Installation Guide: http://www.proces-data.com/P-NET_installguide.html

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