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ROMEX Aleksander Wasilewski

Company name: ROMEX Aleksander Wasilewski
Address: Ul. Mieszka I 13
PL-75-124 Koszalin
Phone: +48 94 347 37 90
Website: www.romex.pl
Contact person: Alexander Wasilewski
Description: Romex offers the following products and services: Tankers, trailers and semi trailers for transport of food products (milk, wine, beer), water and AdBlue. Measurement and control systems, pumping systems, stationary and mobile milk collection systems, distribution systems for AdBlue. Controllers, operator panels, data recording systems, PROCES-DATA flowmeters. Rubber hoses for: food, fuel, oil, water, chemicals, air hoses, welding hoses, LPG hoses.
Activities: ( ) Producer of P-NET hardware
(x) Producer of P-NET software
(x) Producer of P-NET systems
(x) Distribution of P-NET products
( ) End user
( ) Institute
( ) Private
( ) Other:

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