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Company name: NERCIA
Address: P.O.Box 483
Zhejiang University
CN-310027 Hangzhou
Phone: +86 571 7952435
Fax: +86 571 7951206
Contact E-mail: If you need the e-mail address of NERCIA, please contact the IPUO
Contact person: Yiming Shi
Description: The National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation (NERCIA), initiated in Zhejiang University in Dec. 1991, was completed in 1996. Mainly developing automatic instruments and equipment such as DCS, FieldBus control system & other automation instruments.
Activities: ( ) Producer of P-NET hardware
( ) Producer of P-NET software
( ) Producer of P-NET systems
( ) Distribution of P-NET products
( ) End user
(x) Institute
( ) Private
( ) Other:

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