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Company name: HEA A/S
Address: Ulvevej 24
7800 Skive
Phone: +45 96154500
Fax: +45 96154515
Website: www.hea.as
Contact E-mail: If you need the e-mail address of HEA A/S, please contact the IPUO
Contact person: Per Johansson
Description: Develops and manufactures PC/PLC solutions, machine control systems, power panels including installation and SCADA systems including recipe and report handling.
Activities: ( ) Producer of P-NET hardware
(x) Producer of P-NET software
(x) Producer of P-NET systems
(x) Distribution of P-NET products
( ) End user
( ) Institute
( ) Private
( ) Other:

International P-NET User Organization
P.O. Box 192
DK-8600 Silkeborg
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